Awards of Excellence to Industry

The Minister of Defence Awards of Excellence to Industry were established by the New Zealand Defence Industry Advisory Council (NZDIAC) in 1998 to highlight and reward the contribution made by industry to Defence. The annual presentation of the Awards takes place at the Awards dinner, which concludes the NZDIA Defence Industry Forum.

The 2016 awards saw a change in the assessment criteria.  In previous years it has been difficult to judge the awards due to the diverse range of nominations.  This years criteria is relationship focus with the main criteria being: 

  • Collaborative outcomes and a commitment to continuous improvement have resulted in a gain-gain relationship, delivering a value for money outcome
  • Through collaborative engagement there have been significant innovations in product, process and/or technologies to optimise the outcome
  • There was a drive to remove duplication and replication which resulted in innovative outcomes.
  • They have actively promoted development of employee understanding, skills and competency between the parties.
  • They have encouraged and use best endeavours to engage early (in the capability lifecycle) to enable innovation and realise value between the parties
  • The relationship was conducted with openness and co-operation, engendering the development of mutual trust, respect and confidence.

The annual recipients of the 2016 Minister of Defence Industry Awards of Excellence have been announced with Hawker Pacific NZ Limited, MetOcean Solutions Limited and Kongsberg Defence Systems all receiving awards.

Category 1 - the provision of a service to Defence less than $15m

Category 1 Finalists- the provision of a service to Defence less than $15m

  • Hawker Pacific
  • Sandbox Consulting
  • Loop Technologies
  • BECA

Category 1 Winner Hawker Pacific New Zealand Limited provides and maintains aircraft for the Royal New Zealand Air Force. Staff from Hawker Pacific also deployed with the New Zealand Defence Force to Fiji, following Cyclone Winston to provide engineering support.  Hawker Pacific moulded and adapted their own personnel management practices to fit the military deployment model to enable their staff to be deployed to assist in this operation.

Category 2 - the provision of a product to Defence less than $15m

Category 2 Finalists - the provision of a product to Defence less than $15m

  • MetOcean
  • Fraser Engineering
  • Rockwell Collins
  • HDT Global

Category 2 Winner MetOcean Solutions Limited partnered with the Defence Technology Agency to create the Surfzone View Tool for the Royal New Zealand Navy.  Surfzone View increases the safety and efficiency of amphibious landings for personnel by enabling the surf conditions close to the beach to be modelled.

Category 3 - the provision of a product or service to Defence in excess of $15m

Category 3 Finalists - the provision of a product or service to Defence in excess of $15m

  • Kongsberg Defence and Aerospace
  • Beechcraft Defense Company

Category 3 winner Kongsberg Defence Systems as a company partnered successfully with the Ministry of Defence to deliver an important capability as part of the upgraded Super Seasprite helicopter project which is vital for our naval combat capability.