Counter-ISIL Coalition, Building Partner Capacity mission

Personnel: Up to 143

Following a request from the Government of Iraq, New Zealand deployed personnel to Taji Military Complex North of Baghdad to train units within the Iraqi Security Forces (ISF). Iraq Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi has said to Prime Minister Key that the training provided is very important for Iraq and has helped the Iraqi Army become a unifying national force.

Up to 143 New Zealand Defence Force personnel are currently deployed to Iraq and the wider region as part of a Building Partner Capacity (BPC) mission. The purpose of the BPC mission is to train ISF to conduct combat operations at a trained level, agreed by both the Iraqis and coalition trainers. It also aims to train ISF to a state where they become a self-sustaining capability for the Iraqi Government. Training of the ISF at the Taji Military Complex covers a broad range of individual and organisational military skills, including basic weapons skills, individual and unit military skills to prepare for combat operations, as well as other skills like medical support and logistics.

The New Zealand BPC deployment has been extended until November 2018.

Read the media release about the number of ISF personnel trained by the BPC mission passing the 12,000 mark (external link) (external link) .