How Defence works with business

Procurement approaches

Procurement approaches

The Ministry of Defence is responsible for research into procurement options, including whole of life costing, purchase, and working with the New Zealand Defence Force (NZDF) on integration of major defence capability into its operations.

Purchasing of capability is done following the Government Procurement Rules and Treasury Better Business Case processes.

Prime Contractors

You can remain up-to-date on current Defence request for information and tender opportunities through the Government Electronic Tenders Service (GETS), and if you are a registered user you can be notified by that site when new opportunities are added.

Timing for potential acquisition projects can be found in the Defence Capability Plan, which is being updated.


There is significant opportunity to work directly with the NZDF or you may be able to engage with one of our Prime Contractors. We encourage international suppliers and manufacturers to partner with domestic industries where possible.

  • Timings and intentions for opportunities will be found in the Defence Capability Plan when released.
  • Register on GETS and the NZDF SmartProcure site for current opportunities, including Industry Days and current and intended Requests for Information and Requests for Tender.
  • Consider engaging with industry associations and agencies. 

The NZDF may have Prime or Lead Contractors on larger projects. They may come from a traditional military focused background or, more likely, as technology advances and business models change, from a range of other industries.

Defence Industry Security Guide

Defence Industry Security Guide

Companies or organisations sometimes enter into a contractual relationship with Defence where access to sensitive information is involved. In these situations, the contractor is required to meet the guidelines set out in the Defence Industry Security Guide.

A copy of the Defence Industry Security Guide can be downloaded from the Industry section of the NZDF website

Associations and Agencies

Associations and Agencies

Due to the wide variety of suppliers to Defence, there is a range of industry associations that play a vital role in the Defence sector. Most are organised around the nature of their industry, goods or services rather than the sector they supply. Supplying to Defence is not their primary purpose, although Defence may be a major purchaser in their market.

Some of the many industry associations include:

Who to Contact

Who to Contact

The Defence industry engagement teams work together to make sure we can connect you with the right area within Defence.

Ministry of Defence

Contact the Ministry of Defence industry team about any aspect of the Defence industry, and in particular about long-term plans and acquisition of larger capabilities.

New Zealand Defence Force

Contact the NZDF team on any aspect of the Defence industry, and in particular about:

  • commodities, fast moving consumer goods and durables
  • logistics services and supplies
  • information and communication technologies
  • health and health services
  • business consultancy services
  • commercial services
  • defence property.