Defence Assessments

Supported by in-depth research, our Defence Assessments consider major strategic trends, and identify emerging and evolving issues that could affect New Zealand’s national security interests.

We work with the New Zealand Defence Force (NZDF) to assess the implications of these issues for Defence policy, including assessing roles and tasks of the NZDF, and the mix of ships, aircraft, vehicles and equipment it needs to perform these.

Our latest Defence Assessment was in 2014.

The key judgements to come out of the Defence Assessment 2014 included that there is/are:

  • increasing challenges to international rules based order

  • rising international interest in Antarctica and the Southern Ocean

  • continued Eastward shift in global power

  • heightened tensions in the East and South China Seas

  • relatively stable South Pacific

  • rapid evolution and spread of cyber threats

  • degraded relations between Russia and the West.

Major Defence Assessments are done once every five years. Following the direction set by the Defence White Paper 2016, major Assessments are being complemented by a cycle of smaller, more focused assessment exercises that look in-depth at particular issues. This approach ensures that Defence is better able to keep pace with changes in the international strategic environment.

  • Defence Assessment 2014
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    20 May 2015