Defence Capability Plan

The Defence Capability Plan describes the Government's investment in Defence capability to industry, international partners and the New Zealand public.

The Defence Capability Plan 2016 reflects the capability decisions of the Defence White Paper 2016 [PDF, 3.1 MB]. The 2016 version of the Capability Plan is significantly more detailed than previous versions, and includes schedule estimates and cost bands for major capability initiatives. It also describes the type of operations the Defence Force plans for, and how the capability investments will contribute to the operational capacity of the Defence Force.

The Plan provides more detail on the new capability investments selected in the Defence White Paper, including ice strengthening for Antarctic and Southern Ocean operations, enhanced air surveillance and littoral operations, cyber protection and intelligence support. It also includes sections on:

  • the planned investments in personnel, logistics and Information Communication Technology
  • the scope of the $1.7 billion Defence Estate Regeneration Programme
  • how Defence will maintain affordability and boost industry engagement.

The core of the Plan consists of a description of the $20 billion programme of capability investment planned out to 2030 in the Maritime, Land, Air and Networked areas.

On 6 July 2018, the Government launched the Strategic Defence Policy Statement 2018. The policy settings in this will inform the forthcoming Defence Capability Plan Review, which is expected to be complete by the end of 2018. 

  • 2016 Defence Capability Plan
    5.3 MB
    16 Nov 2016