Edda Fonn

Dive and Hydrographic Vessel

The New Zealand Government has approved the purchase of a dive and hydrographic support vessel for the Royal New Zealand Navy.

Defence: Approval to Buy a Dive and Hydrographic Vessel - Cabinet Documents
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21 Dec 2018

An 85 metre Norwegian built multi-role offshore support vessel, the MV Edda Fonn, will be purchased to replace the HMNZ Ships Resolution and Manawanui. Following purchase, the Edda Fonn will be outfitted with the dive and hydrographic systems required by the Defence Force, before being delivered to Devonport Naval Base in May 2019, three years earlier than expected. The vessel is expected to be ready for tasking by the Navy in November 2019.

Navy's specialist divers and hydrographers provide vital services to New Zealand, the Pacific, and our partners. In recent years this has included undertaking underwater search and rescue with the New Zealand Police, surveying the seabed following the Kaikoura earthquake, or removing unexploded historical ordnance in the Pacific islands. This vessel will allow the Defence Force to continue to serve the community, nation and the world.

The project budget for the purchase, modifications and introduction into service of dive and hydrographic capability is NZD$103 million.

Contact: Jon Finderup, Director Maritime Domain
Email: industry@defence.govt.nz

Image: the MV Edda Fonn (image modified with permission)